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"Remember Dec. 7th!"
A classic WW-II poster. The other words are: "...we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain…"
-Abraham Lincoln "Remember Me? I Was At Bataan" The soldier appears ghost-like and maybe he is… captured American POW's at Bataan were starved and shot as they were force-marched to prison. Many American POW's were beaten and worked to death. "Your Forests, Your Fault, Your Loss!" A classic U.S. Forestry Dept. poster from 1937, created by America's great poster artist  James Montgomery Flagg. This poster was directed at peoples carelessness with cigarettes and camp fires. "Smoky Says-"A U.S. Forestry Department Smoky Bear classic (who has no doubt joined the ranks of the politically incorrect), teaching this young cub the importance of fire safety. "The Sky's The Limit" Here's a Defense plant group  working on a B-17 engine, one of four on the Flying Fortress. The war give women, older men and males not able to pass physicals a chance to work for the war effort. "USA Bonds" Weapons For Liberty. In this highly textured, classic poster a Boy Scout hands Liberty a huge long sword with "Be Prepared" in gold letters. The poster celebrates the contribution made by the Scouts in raising money to fund the War Effort. "Back The Attack" This poster is the "5th Loan" series and is one of the most patriotic yet. Dressed in  coveralls, we can assume they are ready to work for Victory. This poster was mostly aimed at the American farm states. "We Can Do It!" One of the all-time classics of WW-II posters, featuring a character that became known as "Rosie The Riveter" due to a WW-II movie musical.  The poster symbolizes the patriotism of war workers and the opportunities for women. "A Careless Word…...A Needless Sinking" Another variation of the classic "Loose Lips Sink Ships" Here it is pretty graphically and realistically described. Numerous cargo ships were sunk by Japanese submarines off the West Coast and Hawaii. "Someone Talked!" A classic WW-II Poster and another variation on the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" idea. This time a drowning crewman says his last words. This poster seems to still have a big impact even today. "Loose Lips Might Sink Ships" Here it is, the all-time classic WW-II poster. A very simple design, but highly memorable. No one seems to remember the "might" part, but next to "Remember Pearl Harbor" it may be WW-II's most remembered saying. "Victory!" This classic Buy War Bonds poster is by one of America's all time greatest artists- N.C. Wyeth,  It Features Uncle Sam, the American Flag, ground troops attacking and huge waves of bombers. Wyeth died in 1945, as the war ended. "Save Rubber" They've got more important places to go than you.  It's an early 1942 WW-II poster with old-style helmets. But the Jeep then was a brand new item. Jeeps today remain one of America's most popular  spin-offs of WW-II."...Because Somebody Talked" You can no doubt tell by now that loose talk was a major  concern on the home front in WW-II. The dog mourning his sailor master- the red star banner was for a family who had lost their loved one in the war. "Smoky Says-"A U.S. Forestry Department Smoky Bear classic -this time featuring a not too happy Smoky Bear dousing a careless campfire. "Please Mister, Don't Be Careless" Another U.S. Forestry Dept. Classic featuring cute Disney style animals that reminds us that Forest Fires also destroy the homes of animals, as well as wasting our natural resources.